Kids Party


At each of our children's events, basic amenities for children include: Juice, safety and exclusive pedagogue for the safety and service of all their needs. Our basic amenities also include "dining time" in the children's dining room with an individual menu, tailored to you, amid a rich variety of different tasting combinations. Depending on the number, age and preferences of the children, we can choose cakes in different flavors and performances, fashionable animators with fun games, cartoon characters in the form of our favorite heroes, rich content pianists, magic show by professional magicians and theaters events!


During the children's party, you are given the opportunity to spend moments of relaxation and discussion with your guests while the children work in a separate place, in various activities and games, accompanied by dedicated educators. Depending on the style you wish to give to your party, you can choose from a variety of options for attendants. We can tailor a party with rich drinks and cookies for your guests or a children's event, with a choice of individual cocktail menus, rich platters or delicious pizzas with ingredients you add!


For children 's attendants we can find the right choice of food and all kinds of drinks, from rich and varied amenities such as rich individual dinner menus. Contact us and a BOA VISTA organizing consultant will help you organize your children's party easily, quickly and in the nature and cost you desire!