The menus are customized according to what you would like to offer to your guests, as appropriate. The well-equipped kitchens allow all dishes to be prepared just hours before or during an event. Good, quality and traditional food has been and is the successful recipe of our tastes that can satisfy even the most demanding customers! Contact us for a quote

Your new family member needs a unique day with unforgettable moments. We are the right people to trust!

Next to the majestic bridge with the breeze in the afternoon or under the stars in the evening it is sure that you will create the perfect atmosphere for both you and your hosting guests.

Contact us and we will prepare everything you have dreamed of for your kids' party.


The place, where BOA event venue is hosted today began as an “a la carte” restaurant by Georgios Nikolaou in 1983.


From 1987 till the end of the 20th century, the site hosted a large club on Poseidonos Street, with great success and resonance throughout Achaia.


Then in 2010 it was rented until 2015. Since then the site has been renovated and has been working as a venue under the direction of the Nikolaou brothers, hosting all kinds of social events with great success.

Your wedding party at BOA will definitely start your new life as fairytale in enchanting way. We are next to you to guarantee that you will live your fairy tale in real.

Both interior and exterior sites of BOA, panoramic view at the Patraikos Bay and the fine tastes of our kitchen, guarantee to take off your expectations and satisfy even the most discerning guests!

You just have to contact us and choose the perfect date you want. Together we will plan everything you've dreamed of.

Many years of experience and the diversity of events we have successfully hosted, such as the festivals and the concerts, all you need to do is tell us exactly what you need!

1st Love Tattoofestival

2nd Love Tattoo festival

From the Vegas music festival in Patras

Only we can provide you such a multi-site venue with large spaces ready to meet every requirement of yours.